24 July 1989
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Hey there! Seems like you stumbled upon my graphic journal! I hope you find what you are looking for!

About the journal:
Most of the time I make anime/manga icons,but sometimes I break from this "tradition".
I work with Photoshop CS2 & Animation Shop & with Genius tablet.

About rock_rabbit:
.Gonna be 20 on 24th of July.
.I am taken.
.I like bunnies.
.I like to draw...I'm even planing on making icons outta my stuff.
.I looove comments.
.I live in Bulgaria,if you haven't noticed already.
.html </3>
The rules for my graphics are really simple:
1.Don't steal my work!
2.Don't claim as yours!
3.When taking anything crediting isn't necessary,but it will help other people to find me easily! (=
4.You can freely edit my bases,but you can't edit my icons! Atleast not before you ask me first! ^^
5.Don't hotlink,please!

Rawr! 0w0
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